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by Holli Dee

The first 3 people each month to schedule their Permanent Makeup get 50% off!   Thats HUGE! Call today!
Procedure can be scheduled at anytime during the month. Discount applies to permanent makeup procedures only.  Having multiple procedures done at once qualifies for 30% discount .



                                    Permanent Makeup                                               Nails    
                                        Eyebrows  $300                                                 Full Set                        $40
                                        Eyeliner     $175 upper                                     Fills                              $25
                                                           $175 lower                                      Custom Design          $15
                                                           $300 upper & lower                      Manicure                     $20
                                         Lips           $300 liner                                        Nail Art/Natural Nail $10
                                                           $400 full lips                                   UV Gel                          $5
                                        Full Face (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips) $800
                                        Beauty Mark  $40                                              Other requests: $ priced on individual basis
                                                    Areola:      $70/hour
                                        Touch-ups:  $40/area (4-6 weeks)
                                                              $50/area (within 6 mo.)
                                                              $75/area (6 mo-1 year)
                                                              Over 1 yr, regular price
    Special Occasion Makeup session:  $ Fee depends on service. Call for details. 
"Hello and welcome to my studio. I understand that everyone is different and that's why I go out of my way to listen to my clients and tailor the services to your specific needs & desires.
I also want to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in my studio. Everything from the services, to the decor, to the way I treat my clients is all done with the goal of making you feel truly pampered and special while you are in my care.  I am fully trained in the latest cutting edge techniques that can offer you the look you are trying to achieve.  And if you're not sure of the best look for you, I take the time to consult with you, answering any questions and deciding together what you hope to achieve. This way, you will always know you are in full control of the look you like and you can be confident that I can deliver that result to you."
  • Certified SofTap Permanent Cosmetics Technician
  • Nail Artist with 25 years experience
  • Over 30 years experience in professional makeup application
  • Former Model & Makeup Artist to models
  • Former Beauty Queen
  • Over 25 years experience in Cosmetic Dentistry, giving me a unique ability to understand symmetry and facial features.
  • Convenience, based around YOUR schedule.  
  • I schedule by appointment only.  This allows me the flexibility to cater to YOUR needs and YOUR schedule. You have a busy life, lets find time for your Bliss!
"Follow  your Bliss and the Universe will open doors for you, where there were only walls."

Holli Dee (801) 615-1393